Thursday, August 11, 2005

John 1:1-18 -- The Eternal Word Made Flesh

The opening passage of John (John 1:1-18) is written to illustrate the past, present and future of God's existence and plan.
Jesus, who is in very nature God, came from his eternal existence in heaven to save those who would accept Him. He revealed the glory of God in his Character - through his unfailing love and faithfulness (John
1:14, 17) - by giving one gracious gift after another.
Jesus was the light that sin-darkened religion needed to truly see God's nature. John the Baptist - like us - was a forerunner for the Christ. He paved the way with his words and opened the doors of people's hearts with his actions. We also are precursors to the presence of God - let your light so shine before men!

Interesting Tidbits from this passage...

John starts his Gospel where Genesis begins. He lines Jesus up as the eternal Creator!

The first person "sent" in the Gospel of John isn't Jesus, it's John the Baptist! The proclaimer, announcer, forerunner. Interesting question... Who sent him? Was he sent by the very one he was proclaiming? The prophecies that fortold John the Baptists role were given to Isaiah by whom? Jesus! Talk about circular logic!

We must remember that we are not the light. There is no light in us. We testify to the light.

Jesus' goal was to save those who choose to accept Him. Many who were connected to him were unwilling to accept him. many who were far from him understood and accepted him. Those who accepted - all who accepted - were called children of God.

When divinity became humanity he revealed to us the God of God in a way that did not kill us. The presence of the Almighty was distilled into two character traits that could be revealed in order to show the true nature and glory of God to sinful humanity. They were:
1. Grace (NIV) - Unfailing Love (NLT)
2. Truth (NIV) - Faithfulness (NLT)
Jesus perfectly modelled both of these illustrating to humanity the true character of God.

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