Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wood Theives be gone!

Last night after 1pm someone backed a trailer into our driveway and began to steal a pile of wood that we had yet to stack. The neighbour lady, Flo, saw them and called the police. She then let her dog out – a tiny terrier barely big enough to bite your knees, but loud enough to scare your pants off. They quickly left without very much wood at all.

This afternoon, after we returned from church Flo came over and told us about the encounter with the thieves. We thanked her for her vigilance and care for us as neighbours. Then her son drove into the drive. I told him the story and he told me one that will go down in my all time favourite stories told over the back fence!

A retired friend of his had noticed that a small portion of his wood pile would disappear on a regular basis – every couple nights. He figured that it was someone living nearby that was stoking their fire with his pension-bought wood. So, he engineered a solution. He drilled a hole in a good sized piece of wood. He then packed the hole tightly half-full with gunpowder. He took the sawdust from the hole and plugged the hole cleanly and replaced the wood on the pile. A few days later there was a resounding boom from a house three doors down and the chimney collapsed.

No wood was ever stolen from the wise old man's house again!

I love that story! Imagine… Oh, just imagine!

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