Friday, June 03, 2005

Pastor's Perspective - June 4 "From Serfs to Farmers"

This week I listened to a book that talked about the four types of people that exist in every organisation. Serfs, Farmers, Hunters and Wizards. Each can move up to the next level by asking the right questions. Moving from being a Serf to being a Farmer is the easiest move. It is achieved by asking one simple question that Farmers ask, "What little change can I make to help this situation?" While being a Serf may seem safe, it is actually the most dangerous position to be in. Why? Because when things change the Serfs get left behind. Interestingly enough, in the Gospel Commission there is no room for Serfs. "Go... Making Disciples ... Baptising Them... Teaching Them..." Sounds like a lot of farming, hunting and magic!
Let me give you a few scenarios that are currently facing us as a church and then you ask the Farmer's question and apply the answer you come up with.
1. Our tithes and offerings have been falling progressively for months
2. There is a need for new Adventist Churches in Sorrell and Lauderdale
3. Our Primary, Junior and Youth Sabbath Schools need assistant leaders and helpers
4. Our next 40 Days Program is starting on June 25

Have I got you thinking? Good!

God Bless,

Pr Dave

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