Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Recent Book Listening

Today I finished listening to the Audiobook of Survival Is not Enough by Seth Godin. I was intrigued by a number of things in the book. And challenged by others. One thing that really got me thinking was his four catergories of people in the work place. He says there are:
Serfs - Take orders, do as commanded, expect safety, expect status quo to stay as such
Farmers - Test new ways of doing the same old thing, always testing, improving over time
Hunters - Exploring uncharted waters, bringing home ideas & resources yet unseen, Like to try new ideas and strategies
Wizards - Creating new ideas & thoughts out of thin air, always popping up with new insights and suggestions, occasionally they are right!

All afternoon I have been considering what kind of person I am. Tonight I went thru the four types with my wife. When I mentioned the Wizards she started laughing, "Well, you're certainly a wizzard!" Hmmm... so, it's that obvious is it?

Now, where was that magic wand?

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