Sunday, April 07, 2024

Storyteller Needs Audience!

Biblical storytelling is good for my well-being. Like, extremely good! 

I told Bible stories at 8 am every morning at my local Camp Meeting in Victoria, Australia over Easter weekend for family worship. The next Sabbath, I told a Bible story (Other people say "preached a sermon" but that's not my style) at Warrnambool church. Lovely people there!

It's been a decade since I preached weekly as a pastor. I miss it dearly! For the past two weeks, I've been in the best head space I can remember for a very long time. I'm my best self when I'm operating in my giftedness! I thrive when I'm sharing life lessons from the Bible. Before COVID, I was very active in travelling for storytelling in churches, school week-of-prayer programs, and Camp Meeting series to Primary, Juniors, Teens, Youth and even the oldies. I love sharing Bible stories and inspiring others to be passionate about the Bible.

Do you have a Camp Meeting coming up? Week-of-Prayer? Need a speaker who loves Jesus and the Bible? That's me! My preaching schedule is pretty much empty. Not good! Please invite me to bless your crowd. I'm ready to go! 

I'm available to travel. I speak to all ages. I'm open to any age-appropriate Bible-based theme or topic. Let's build something together - something just right for your needs!

If you need a speaker, please consider me. Thanks.

Here's an example. Watch more on the Bible Stories Playlist of my YouTube channel.

Or a storytelling workshop for your church or school leaders or Pathfinders?

Telling your story is your best witness!

Explore the entire Story=Power Storytelling Series on this playlist.

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