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Revelation's End to the Story - Bible Study

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 Download PDF - It makes a lot more sense in the proper format but is too wide for the blog. I've put it below as well so the texts can be highlighted for easy access!

Theme"God is Love"
Bible VersePoint
1 John 4:8God is Love
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 3:15-20God's love changes us
CharactersGod: Father
Bible VersePoint
John 3:16God SO LOVED us
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 1:4-8Trinity working together
God: Son
Bible VersePoint
John 15:13Greater love - life for friends
Romans 5:8-9Love: While yet sinners!
John 14:16WTL - Jesus leads to Father
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 4:11Created all things
Revelation 7:17Shepherd, guide, cares 4 us
God: Holy Spirit
Bible VersePoint
Romans 5:5Pours God's love into us
Ephesians 1:13-14HS is our Seal of Salvation
Luke 4:18-19HS anoints us with Purpose
Romans 8:26-28Helps us speak to God
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 4:5, 5:6"Seven" Spirits = "Holy" Spirit
Is on the Throne of God
ThemeWar against God
Bible VersePoint
1 Peter 5:8Satan destroys people
Acts 5:3Causes us to lie to the Holy Spirit
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 12:17Satan attacks those God loves
Bible VersePoint
John 8:42-44murderer, truthless, liar
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 12:7-9Satan fought God and lost
Beast / AntiChrist
Bible VersePoint
John 3:20Hides from light
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 13:5-8Unsaved will worship beast
False Prophet
Bible VersePoint
Gal 5:13-15Bite and devour others
Galatians 3:1-6, 13-14HS thru Jesus' gift, not Law
1 Corinthians 2:14Spiritual things are foolish
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 16:13-14Stirs up trouble against God
"Freedom of Choice"
Bible VersePoint
Colossians 3:12-14Love and Forgive in Unity
John 8:47                         orYou are unable to hear God
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 12:11Speak Jesus in the face of Death
Rev 12:12                        orJoin the Devil in his angst
CharactersWorship Who?
Bible VersePoint
Matthew 22:37-40Love God and Mankind
1 Samuel 10:19               orReject God as King
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 14:7Worship and Glorify the God of love
Revelation 13:4               orWorship those with power on Earth
Follow Who?
Bible VersePoint
John 15:9-12Love as Christ loves
1 John 3:12Defend your right to do Evil
Revelation VersePoint
Rev 13:16Live by the mark of the AntiChrist
Revelation 14:12             orLive by the mark of Christ
Believe / listen to who?
Bible VersePoint
1 John 4:7-12God lives IN YOU if you LOVE
Colossians 2:8You follow hollow philosophy
Revelation VersePoint
Revelation 18:4HS says, "Come out of her my people"
Revelation 22:17HS says, "Come to God and drink water of Life"
Revelation 19:19-21        orbe deluded, worship falsely and loose your life.

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