Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Hold steady, hold light: A driving illustration from my holiday

A story from a recent road trip with a value attached. 

Aside from the one in the video, there are a few teaching points to be drawn from this little story.

Signs: What are the signs, for you, that stress is coming? How far between the signs and the black sand? Are the signs well-made and clear?

Black Sand: What has been the black sand in your life? What were the dark patches? What strategies did you use to make it through? Does black sand always come with woopty-doos?

Normal: Tell of a time when things were 'back to normal' but still didn't feel right. What are some of the things that get stuck in your tread for a while?

GPS: What's yours? Where's it leading you? Is the fastest way really the best way? What are your goals when travelling - fast, new, lots of sites, the back roads?

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