Saturday, December 04, 2021

Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God has always been   

In the beginning God.

God is Love.

The God of Love Created you

And me. Humanity.  

He knit us together in mother's womb.

In His loving image he created us. 

Male and female he created them. 

Created by love. 

Created in love. 

Created to love.

Created to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. And to love your Neighbour.

To be one with each other - one people with one God - ONE KINGDOM.

The kingdom of God has always been   

But deep inside this kingdom of Love another raised its head.

Like black oily sludge from blue ocean depths an evil kingdom surfaced.

A kingdom of pride.

A kingdom where self rules and love is mocked. 

In the vast ocean of God's Love a kingdom of evil bubbled to the surface and began to spread.

It broke trust and shattered love

Man against wife

Brother against brother

And all against God

Love was reframed as weakness

As this kingdom of sludge darkened the earth. 

Self was crowned king. 

The kingdom of God has always been   

And in a battle of wills, love always wins

Because love plays the long game

And the God of Love, the King of Kings

Had a plan. To become a man. 

He walked our sludge strewn streets

And showed that Love still rules

By humbling himself

By offering himself

He defeated death. 

He Repelled the Kingdom of Pride 

Showing it for what it really is

With one act of Love so pure

That all sludge lost its stick

All pride lost is shine

And death lost its sting.

The kingdom of God has always been   

But now we see it for what IT is

A Kingdom of love that embraces all

No matter the amount of sludge

Stuck to those still stuck in sin

God is Love and welcomes all in

Because His love knows no bounds

And His Kingdom knows no end.

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