Sunday, March 22, 2020

The "So What?" of Daniel 11

Daniel 11 is often presented as a 3 hour 'who-done-it' lecture thus missing the point at the heart of the chapter and the heart of God. In short, Daniel 11 is about God and His people throughout the ages of sin. Kingdoms' rise and fall. But God is on point and His people live purposefully.

Daniel 11's world history in a nutshell: 
There are always battling nations and ideologies with God's people caught in the middle.

Daniel 11's purposeful point: 
Daniel 11:32-35 answers the 'so what' question. These verses reveal the main life points applicable by God's covenant people. The question: While caught in the middle, what are we to do?

God's people:
Know God and Act in Faith (Daniel 11:32) 
 Study the Bible with others (Daniel 11:33) 
Help each other to safety (Daniel 11:34) 
Fall and are rescued/strengthened by God (Daniel 11:35) 

God has a plan unaffected by human action (Daniel 11:27,35) 

Take away challenge: 
Love God and people. Help others just as God helps you.

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