Wednesday, October 24, 2018

PFC #1 - Why I am Who I am (ReStorying Me)

PCF Restaurant
(Tasty treat but kinda gross!)

RQ#1 Favourite Food? Why?

Prayer Faith Conference 2018
Theme: Reclaiming our Faith
Focus: ReStorying your Faith

Resilience is Bouncing Back

Spiritual Resilience Sources
Stories: Me, We, Our
Mentors: 5 Significant Adults

Story Building for Resilience
Gather Stories - Live it / Hear it
ReStory - Give it meaning
Tell it & Retell it - lock it in

Joseph/ Daniel - build resilience 
Tests: for God or from God
Trouble: God/Ppl in it together
Trust: together we R stronger! 
Can u do this? NO! God and I can!

RQ#2 Funniest family Member? Why?

Why I don't do drugs: 
Earl's Signs
Grandpa's Drinking
Grandma's Lungs
Blanket Party 

Restorying must be personal
You can't ReStory other people 

Hawaii, Mike's life goal and
The Vegetarian Virgin who doesn't drink 

Restorying Moment for me:
How do you DO it? 

"ReStorying your Faith"

Non-PCF Questions: 
(Something to chew on!)
How do you do it?
Where does your strength come from?

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