Sunday, March 27, 2016

DJD327 - John's Message

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Matthew 28:19

Starting Question:

God wants us to join in the task of taking salvation to the world. What commitment does this verse challenge you to make? 

John's Message

Day after day the people came to see the man standing in the river. He stood there every day. And yet, it wasn’t his standing in the river that drew the crowds. It wasn’t the way he was dressed—a camel hair cloak held together by a leather belt. It wasn’t even his diet—honey, locust and water from the river—which drew the crowds. It was his words. 

“John,” someone shouted, “Are you the Messiah we are searching for?”

“Messiah?” John shouted back with a laugh, “I am certainly no Messiah. I am just a voice. A voice shouting in the wilderness, calling you to get ready!”

“Ready for what?” another voice asked.

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord!” John shouted, “Make his paths straight.” 

“Are you saying the Messiah is coming soon?” 

“Soon!” John shouted with gusto, “All flesh shall see the salvation of God!”

A finely dressed man stepped forward, placing a tentative foot in the water, “Since the days of Abraham we Pharisees have been maintaining readiness!”

“Oh, you!” John pointed a bony finger at the plump fellow, “You swarm of snakes! To be ready is to be repentant. Don’t sing, ‘Father Abraham has many sons, and I am one of them!’ Stop your self-righteous singing and start saying sorry for your sins! Prepare ye the way!”

The man looked truly offended. “I say!” he turned to the audience and shouted, “How rude!” Turning back to John he continued, “Know this, pond scum, when the Messiah comes he will come to Abraham’s descendants!”

John stuck his face and hands into the river, coming up moments later with two fist sized stones. The religious leader squealed and ran into the crowd, clearly believing John meant to throw the stones at him.

He lifted the stones high in the air. “From these stones,” John shouted, shaking the water from his bearded face, “God is able to raise children of Abraham. Don’t think you are so precious! The axe is swinging my friends! The trees not showing fruit will be cut down!”

** Continued in John's Baptism tomorrow **

Reflection Question:
What do you think it would have been like to listen to John the Baptist? Would it be a joyful time? Scary? 

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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