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In this section ("Parently" tab) of my blog you'll find stories about parents, tips on parenting, thoughts on children, raising a family and managing extended/blended families.

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Please comment on any post that intrigues you. If you've got advice, stories or wish to use one of these pieces in your magazine, please email me.

Finding a High School - Finding the right school and being the right student go together.

You Go, Supermum! - Giving birth and breast-feeding do amazing things for Mums!

Hey Dad! - Great Dads are important in making great kids

Mistakes Make You Great! - Focusing parenting on process rather than results

The Naughty List - Helping a child processes "Naughty and Nice" actions and results

An Imagination Rich Holiday - Creating Healthy Minds through Experience and Conversation

The Christmas Story - It means different things to each of us. And so it should!

Creativity: Imagination and Invention - Mental development happens during 'free time.'

Icy Pole Parenting - Parenting anger management strategies for keeping cool.

Tough Choices - A teenager's tough choice and a bit of Father-Son tough love.

Concrete Thoughts - Building values-based kids

Safe Environments for Success - Building resilience

Teaching Self-Control - We learn by example

Resilient Questions - Building Resilience

The Mud Puddle - Dealing with Triangulation

The Little Things - Building Character

Saying Sorry - Graceful Forgiveness

Little Happy - Resilience

The Words We Use - Self Esteem

The Power of Forgiveness - Healthy People Forgive

For All of Us - Embracing Community

Dog Attack! - Stories Teach Now and Later

The BMW Driver - Compassion

Thankful Juice - Positive Attitude

My Tummy Hurts - Attentive Listening

Can you hear me? - Listening to Children

Build a Village - Building Community

A Good Story - Planned Communication

My Catch Phrase - Intentional Praise

A Story Like Tory - Building resilient kids

A Memory of Elephants

I'm Happy and I Know It

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