Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hidden Path - 6 - The Story

Soon it was time for dinner. Henry repeated his story for Mom and Dad. They both listened only paying half-attention—until Henry and Susie showed them the nuggets and ruby. Then they were much more interested.

“Where did you say you got these things?” Dad asked.

“He found them, on the mountain!” Susie answered quickly—not wanting to loose her ruby.

“Yeah, I was walking on a little goat track and I saw the sun reflect on this,” Henry held up the speck of gold on the tip of his finger. “And then, a little further up the path I saw the ruby.”

Susie cut in, “And he gave it to me!” She smiled and held the ruby out between two fingers, “Because he is the best brother in the whole world!”

Henry nodded really big and continued, “And then I saw this cave and I went in and saw a little pile of gold nuggets just sitting there. So, I grabbed them and brought them home!”

Mom was looking at the ruby in Susie’s hand. “That is beautiful,” she said admiringly. “Can I hold it?” As Mom held the ruby up to the light, she asked, “Are you sure these things don’t belong to someone else?”

Something else, Henry thought to himself, but not someone else. “Um, yeah,” he said, a bit flustered, “I mean, who would leave gold nuggets in a cave?” He looked up at his parents with big eyes—as innocent as he could make them.

The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

They both stared at him for a long moment, then Dad spoke. “Well, you best keep this cave a secret or the whole town will be up there looking for gold!”

Henry nodded vigorously, “Yeah, good point.” Then he paused for a moment, remembering the fire-breathing beast. “But, I had a good look around. I don’t think there is any more gold or anything.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Mom said. “You’ve had a bit of good fortune today—and a fun adventure. Count yourself lucky!”

“Yup, I do!” Henry answered. Lucky to be alive! He thought, remembering the fireball that just missed his head.

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