Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cultural Infusion

Building Cultural Harmony and Wellbeing

 Cultural Infusion

I am so excited to share with my friends and family that I am now working as the Sales and Booking Coordinator at Cultural Infusion - a non-profit organisation that provides cultural performers and programs to schools, camps, events and any other place that wants to have a special time of cultural awareness brought to them passionately and professionally.

 Intercultural School Events

This is the area I work in - Schools
Right around Australia we have performers who bring intercultural fun to kids of all ages.
If you are a teacher, principal or culturally aware parent - drop us a line and we will get something exciting and educational headed your way ASAP!

I am also one of the performers - I'm a storyteller!
This is how I first discovered Cultural Infusion. A friend saw a job advert for performers and told me about it. So I had a look. And look where it took me!

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