Monday, August 19, 2013

The Lamb Scroll (from Chapter 3)

They grasped hands and James started—James always seemed to pray first. “Dear Jesus, we are going to read between the lines again! Please protect us. Amen.”
“Dear Jesus,” Hannah prayed, “please help us not to get stuck. We like it at home, too. Amen.”
“Dear Jesus,” Paul prayed, “we are excited about getting into your Book again. Please lead us as we follow the Lamb! Amen.”
When they opened their eyes, Paul closed the Prophet Kids Bible and opened to the inside of the cover. He took the four scroll cards out of the little cover-pocket. He sorted through them, putting the one with all the writing on it—the serpent scroll—back in the Bible’s cover pocket. The three unused cards, he tucked into the pocket in his shirt. One of them would become their portal from page to page on today’s adventure.
Paul turned to the page with Genesis 4:4 on it. There was the red word—the word that would lead them on another exciting journey through the Bible—lamb.
 “Are you guys ready?” he asked.
“Ready as I’ll ever be!” James said boldly.
“Ready because Jesus is with us,” Hannah said quietly.
Three hands reached toward the red word—lamb—fingers pointing. Three fingers touched the word. Immediately they felt a tugging sensation on their bodies as the page began to pulse and swirl. The page took on the look of a spiral, spinning toward the middle of the page. The room around them began to disappear as they we drawn into the page.
They landed between the lines—on a large, unending expanse of white.
But, having been here before, the three children knew exactly what to do next.
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