Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drama: God Noticed

Narrator: One ordinary day, as Moses was looking after his father-in-law’s ordinary sheep, he saw something out of the ordinary.

Moses: Hey look, It’s a bush!

Narrator: But it wasn’t an ordinary bush.

Moses: (somewhat surprised) It’s on fire.

Narrator: I suppose it was the fire that was out of the ordinary.

Moses: Wow! It’s still burning! That bush is really out of the ordinary.

Narrator: The fire kept burning long after the bush should have been burnt to a crisp.

Moses: That’s extraordinary! I really must have a closer look. (walks toward bush)

God: (BOOMING VOICE) Take off your shoes, Moses!

Moses: But, I like my shoes.

God: (BOOMING VOICE) You are standing on Holy Ground!

Narrator: Moses realized something out of the ordinary was happening here. And he took of his shoes.

Moses: Yeah, yeah. I get the point. Shoes off. (takes sandals off)

God: I have noticed my people in Egypt.

Narrator: God explained that He had noticed His people in Egypt.

God: I have noticed they are in great suffering.

Moses: (stroking chin) Yes, I remember them. I ran away.

God: I noticed that, too.

Narrator: God notices everything.

God: And I noticed you suffering here in the desert.

Moses: It has been a tough 40 years.

God: I looked after you by providing a wife for you, and a job, working for her father.

Moses: (sarcastic) Yeah, thanks for that. Having my father-in-law as my boss has been wonderful.

Narrator: Moses was being sarcastic.

God: Yes, I noticed that.

Moses: It’s not easy working for family.

God: But it has shaped you into a man able to be both a leader and humble.

Narrator: And that’s not easy!

Moses: I noticed.

God: And now, we have a lot of work to do.

Moses: Yes, Father.

Narrator: Moses had accidently called God, Father.

Moses: Did I?

Narrator: You did.

God: And I liked it. Let’s get to work, Son.

Moses: He called me Son!

Narrator: I noticed . . . . God encouraged Moses and explained the strategy they would use to set His people free. They would do it together.


  1. I love what you've done with this story! Any copyrights? I can see our Church kids doing this.

  2. Go for it!
    Copyright is for people who live in fear.
    Freedom, baby!


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