Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Lion Has Roared (Amos)

Sabbath School - April 27 - Lesson 4 - Amos - Lord of All Nations
A Sabbath School resource from the Victoria Conference of the Adventist Church in Australia

“A lion has roared!” - Amos 3:8

Here are three video clips: 
Two from the Narnia Series (a parable of the Gospel) and one from TED
Watch them and consider what they teach us about God and injustice.
Use them as suitable in your class (or in preparing for your class).

Aslan Roars (explaining justice) - after explaining our work with him to end injustice.
Why does being alone make it harder to fight injustice? 
Do you ever with Jesus would “come roaring in and save us like last time” now?
What is the difference in thinking about “what did happen” and “what will happen” to those who are suffering? How are both important? In which area can we make a difference? How? 
How does it make you feel to know that Jesus will help us in our care for the needy?
How does it make you feel that He expects us to be as involved as He is?
What does Aslan’s comment “If you were any braver you’d be a lioness” mean to you?

Aslan Roars (explaining sacrifice) - after returning to life 
What are your thought about this metaphor for Christ’s resurrection? 
“When a willing victim who has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor’s stead -- even death itself will turn backwards” How does this explain the true meaning of Christ’s sacrifice? Who is the traitor? How is death turned backwards? 
Again Aslan says they will work together to defeat evil. CS Lewis understood the true meaning of discipleship! How different is facing life’s challenges alone than facing them together with Jesus? 

Bono: The good news on poverty - TED (Ideas worth Spreading)
Starting with the story of the Israelites facing Pharaoh declaring their equality and right to be free. He then explores how Facebook has turned the pyramid of power upside down - the little people are on top and the “Pharaohs of today” are on the bottom. 
Bono, lead singer of band U2, is a confessed Christian. He speaks as one, often. And, he’s making a difference!

How can we, as a community of believers, bring justice to the world?

Why do you think this “good news” isn’t being told more loudly? 

Why does bad news sell better than good news?

How can we be proclaiming the “good news” of justice and equality?

Bono talks about the power of having a political voice. How can we impact our government? What can we do and say to make a difference through our government?

“The power of the people is so much stronger than the people in power!”

How does our church take the Gospel to the world? 

How is Bono’s “One Campaign” taking the Gospel to the world? 

How do we benefit from each other?

We are going to win! 
When? Why? How? 

Why not now?

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