Monday, October 29, 2012


We Christians make a mistake when we pit Darwinian Evolution against Theistic Creation - as if we are the only ones lining up against Darwin. There are many secular, atheistic, scientists who disagree with the emergence of life being explained through Darwin's paradigm. 

The core tenant of Science is the desire to disprove. Nothing is fact. Everything is theory. This makes it science. And when a long held scientific theory is finally debunked or superseded, the true scientific community celebrates. The science fringe-dwellers wring their hands and dig in their heels, arguing for the ancient wisdom of some scientific saint. But, science—standing on the shoulders of yesterday’s giants—moves on, abandoning or adjusting the previously held theory. It is seen as wisdom of the age from which it came, but no longer true. 

I Googled to find an article demonstrating my point. In less than three minutes, I found one called “dubitable-darwin-why-some-smart-nonreligious-people-doubt-the-theory-of-evolution”. it was on the Scientific American website. You can find hundreds of such articles, if you care to look. Once we’ve found all these arguments by science against science... what will we do? Quote our favourites, of course! 

As scripture tells us, the man who says there is no God is a fool. And yet, Jesus says we should not call anyone a fool. Perhaps we should leave both the scientific theorizing and the name calling to those who are not about the business of their Father in Heaven.

As believers in God, His creative and recreative power and His Word, we should focus our intelligence, imagination and inspiration on the things to which He calls us. God has shown us, oh friend, what is good and what He requires of us. To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him.

One day, some scientific mastermind - who says there is no God - will prove, by using every synapse of his God-given brain, that life did not emerge in Darwin’s image. And along with this ground-breaking scientific (dis)proof will come the next life-explaining theory of everything. And the scientific community will run in tight, brilliant, little circles until they throw the next theory-busting birthday party. It’s what they do. Leave them to it.

Let’s be about the business of our Father in Heaven - humbly changing the world, one act of justice and mercy at a time.

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