Friday, September 14, 2012

Living the Dream(s)

You know those “one day” dreams? 
One day, I’ll go on a cruise to Alaska.
One day, I’ll go on a safari in Africa.
One day, I’ll go on a train across Australia.
One day, I’ll ride a motorcycle across America.
And those are just my A’s...

I also have little dreams — things around the neighbourhood I’ve always wanted to do. Finding out about this tumour, has made me take another look at the list. 

I understand that after the surgery, I will down for awhile. I’ll be tired. I’ll be sore. I’ll be uninterested in much movement. But that will change, I will heal. 
But, there are the unknowns. This type of tumour grows on the balance nerve and often the hearing nerve. I haven’t noticed any balance issues but the hearing is certainly effected on the left side. When they remove the tumour I will possibly (most likely) loose my balance nerve (they may cut it to remove the tumour) and maybe my hearing on the left side.

The result has the potential to be life altering. While the stitches will come out, the nerve will not regrow. Nerves don’t do that. So, I will need to relearn my balance skills and master the art of placing annoying people on my left. There is, of course, a chance that my balance and hearing nerves will not be cut completely and I may retain some use of them. But, I won’t know until after the surgery.

So, back to the dream list. There is this one curvy stretch of road I have wanted to ride since getting my motorcycle. It wiggles from Warburton to Healseville — the long way — taking in a few mountain ridges, valleys, Marysville and more. What will motorcycle riding be like if my balance nerve is kaputz? dunno. So, I did the ride. And it was wonderful! 

Right now I am sitting on the Indian—Pacific Railway, on my way to Perth for five fun-filled days of sharing Bible stories with two schools. This is the first time I’ve ever done two Week-of-Prayer programs during the same week! Each day, I will do one school in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Book sales and signing on the Wednesday and Thursday! Fun! Fun! Fun!

I’ve had the airplane tickets booked for months. I’ve been excited about this double-header for a long time. I love these storytelling trips. So, I book the flights in advance, to get a good price and lock the trip into my schedule. And every time I click on Webjet to find the best ticket prices to Perth, I think, The Great Southern Railway will get it’s chance when I have a week to burnOne day

Trains are bumpy. They wobble. They are not fun for people with balance issues. A couple of weeks ago it hit me, “What if you can’t handle trains after the surgery? You’ll never ride a train across Australia!” And then I remembered I was going to Perth before the surgery. So, I’m on the train!

Can I encourage you, don’t just dream your dreams — live them! Take the time out and just go for it. Our days are numbered and we can’t see the countdown clock. Don’t wait until you retire to start enjoying life. 

Recent research on happiness has revealed that the happiest people are the ones who do little things they enjoy every day, every week, every month. Rituals make us happy. Have that morning cuppa with a friend, every day. Participate in a weekly worship ritual you love. Celebrate birthdays, Christmas and other meaningful days to you and your family. Take joy in being joyful on schedule. 

What I’m saying is, if you are miserable and think, one day all this will be over and I’ll be sitting on a beach somewhere. Why wait? The white-marble sand is ready now. Start celebrating the small today. And create room in your busy schedule to make dreams into reality. You’re worth it. 

You don’t need a brain tumour to get on board! 


  1. You are so right Dave. A few months back something, and I'm not sure what, made me decide that I wanted to start crossing some things off my 'bucket list'. I started with learning to crochet and then took up guitar lessons. I have also booked in two camping trips (just me and the kids)one to Wentworth for Bush camp and the other along the Great Ocean Road. Only last Monday Stefan and I booked tickets to Tasmania to celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We went there for our honeymoon and always said we would go back, but kept putting it of, until now. There are other things I want to do, like travel around Australia and especially visit Katherine, NT, and I hope one day to be able to fulfill those dreams too.
    To most people these things may not seem so great, but to me they are, and every time I do something I've wanted to for a long time I wonder why I put it off for so long.
    There is so much joy in living our dreams - thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome! There's nothing like seeing a dream turn into a reality!
    The train ride was a blast. I'll have to put it on the blog...along with FB commentary... Fun!

  3. karen roberts9:33 pm

    Hi Dave, I have tears in my eyes, but not all from this amazing and emerging reality....I have just finished laughing at your comments about having to master the art of placing the annoying people on your left hand side. Just priceless.. I will of course be watching to see if I am ever placed on the left side of you. God Bless.

  4. Thanks Karen. I had to go back and read this entry to remember the "left hand side" comment. It's just kind of a random bit of humour in the middle of everything, eh? lol
    I will do my best to keep you to the right next time I see you! :)


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