Monday, January 30, 2012

Stump Pastor Dave

In the JETS shed at Tassie bigcamp the kids put questions in a box and I answered them during the meeting. I was so impressed with the questions! They made me laugh, love, ponder and wonder. Here they are… (I'll leave you to ponder the answers!)

General Questions:
If Giants aren’t real, why are they in the Bible?
What was Jesus’ Mum’s Mum’s name? What was Jesus’ Dad’s Dad’s Name?
Why can’t pigs fly?
What was in between the angels on the Ark of the Covenant?
If God can do anything then why isn’t the future predestined? Because if it is then God cant change it – He can’t do anything.
If you had to choose, why did the chicken cross the road?
If Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit are three in one then why couldn’t God the Father die on the cross?
How did words get to be called what they are?
When we die and go to heaven and then to the new earth, when we die and go to heaven will that happen all over again?
Why did God make animals that can kill you?
When we go to heaven and come back to earth what age would we be?
Can we have babies in Heaven?
God wants us to be happy, right? The why do things happen that can make us extremely sad?
Who was Noah’s father and mother?
How long did it take to recite the Torah?
Where did God come from?
It is said, Jesus sweated blood. Is that scientifically true?
Explain the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.
Please sing ‘There’s no one like Jesus’ with all the actions.
If we have the freedom of choose then how can God see the future? Because if He knows the outcome before we make the decision we don’t really choose.
What are the three wise man’s names and what are their backgrounds?

Personal Questions:
Why did you become a pastor?
What is your favourite girls name in the Bible?
Are you going to come to big camp again next year?
If you did not write books what would you be doing in your life?
Why do you like watermelon?
Will you miss us?
What has been your favourite thing at camp?
What is your favourite colour?

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