Friday, December 02, 2011

Telling in the Park

I recently went to preach in the lovely town of Echuca.
A couple of days before I came, one of the church elders called me with an idea.
"We've been letterboxing a commission housing area," he said. "There are lots of kids that play in the park situated in the middle of the houses. I know how much you love to tell stories. What would you think of telling stories to the kids in the park?"
I thought it was a great idea!
"How will you get the kids there at the right time?" I asked.
"We can make a flyer and letterbox the area the day before."
And they did.

These are the kids that showed up. We had great fun.
I told a few values-based stories and we had a few laughs.

I've always thought it would be fun to stop at random parks when kids are playing and put up a shingle - "Storyteller - 10 mins!" and see what happens.

Now I am more tempted!

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