Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Praying with a 5 year old

Last night I told my three kids the story of The Widow's Oil from 2 Kings 4:1-7.

We talked about how Jesus provides the needs of those who have faith and seek Him.

When I tucked Rachael, the youngest, into her bed she said, "Dad, how come Jesus doesn't answer my prayers?"

That struck me as an odd thing to come from a 5 year old. My first thoughts were, My little girl is praying about things! What is she asking for? What needs does she have?

So, I asked, "What have you asked for that Jesus isn't giving you?"

She said, "Nothing."

I pondered the reality of a 5 year old asking for and receiving "nothing" and it struck me to do just that. So, I said, "Let's pray right now."

We bowed our heads, "Dear Jesus, please give me nothing and lots of it! Amen."

When we lifted our heads I threw my hands up and with a very surprised expression of joy looked around the room, "LOOK!! He did it!"

Rachael laughed. And so did I. Then we talked about real need and Jesus' real love.

Thank God for kids.

They are so real!

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