Sunday, June 25, 2006


I thought of a really great answer. I thought it was brilliant. And since I new the answer, I framed a quesiton for it... And asked Mikey - my theologicially astute six year old.

Q. Why is the universe so big?

Without even pausing to breathe (or think for that matter), Mikey stole my thunder and gave me the exact answer that I had been so proud of.

A. So God can live there.

My actual answer was, "So God can have somewhere to live." Mikey just got straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. He's a sharp cookie. (so don't bite him, because he's likely to damage your gums!)

Dallas Willard writes (in "the divine conspiracy") that God made the universe as big as it is so that we could have space. Space.

Space to hold galaxies.

Space to make decisions.

Space to house universes.

Space to be yourself.

Space to frame earth.

Space to search for meaning.

Space to be free.

Space to search for God.

Space to be alone in.

Space to compel us to question.

Space. God made the universe SO BIG so that we can have space.

I like it.

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