Monday, May 29, 2006

Book: Experiential Storytelling

Over the weekend I read a book than Nathan loaned me. It is called Experiential Storytelling: (Re)Discovering Narrative to Communicate God's Message. You can click on the link above to check out the book at Zondervan Publishing.

Mark Miller, the author, paints a telling picture of the world today and of the churches attempt to comunicate with yesterday's style. Then he challenges the reader to lead people into experiences of the Gospel rather than sermons based on the gospel.

The book, published in 2003, recognises a growing need for story based exposition of the Gospel. But, Miller takes it a step further than "telling" the story. He suggests that people - expecially today's youth - learn best through experience. Therefore, creating ways that youth can interact with the story is the best learning strategy.

Peppered with quotes on learing and speaking, it is a great resource for any budding preacher, teacher or leader.

As I read the final chapter, which focuses on expamples of the theory in practice (I would have liked to see more of these!), I couldn't help realising that the Adventist Church in Victoria, Australia is doing a pretty good job of it. The Road to Bethelehem and Road to Calvary "walk-through" programs are both experiential storytelling experiences.

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