Thursday, February 23, 2006

Clean Slate

Time to start blogging again!

I have settled into the new job, the new house and the new car (wrecked the old one! That'll be a blog entry to catch!)

Things here at the Signs Publishing House are going great. It suits me to a tee.

One big difference, as far as blogging goes, is that I am writing all day long now. So, I don't come home at the end of a day and wish I could sit down and write something! So, I will have to train myself to blog by force. :)

More later...


  1. good to hear that your move to warby has been smooth (besides that scary thing you did to the car)!

    looking forward to working with you (read: begging for favours) in the near future!

    I'm working at the Communication Dept of the Division, in case you're wondering :)

  2. . . . use the force Dave. Use the force.

  3. . . . use the force Dave. Use the force.


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