Friday, September 23, 2005

Heaven's Heroes

This morning, over breakfast, Josh Walker told me a really amazing story. His aunty is a teacher and recently received a new student - a boy from the Africa. The boy speaks very little English and was having a hard time fitting in with the other kids.
One morning the teacher and students received the scare of their lives. A sparrow flew in through an open window and was followed by a hawk that was trying to catch it. The teacher and the kids hit the floor screaming as the two birds clamoured franticly through the classroom. Then the little African boy slowly approached the hawk from behind. The students said to the teacher, "Make him stop!" But she was wise enough to say, "Let him do what he needs to do."
The boy wrapped his hands around the closed wings of the hawk, lifted him and released him back out the window. Then he quietly did the same to the sparrow. Now the boy who was struggling to fit in, is a hero!
Imagine how difficult it is for visitors in our church. They don't understand us and we don't understand them. We try, but we come from different worlds. We need to endeavour to provide experiences in which they can excel. And then we need to celebrate their uniqueness and their victories!

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