Saturday, January 30, 2016

DJD130 - Ultimate Translator

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Romans 8:26, 27

Starting Question:

Do you ever find it hard to understand people's words? 

Ultimate Translator

The verse for today is weird. Read it again. 

We don’t know what we should really be praying for. But God’s Holy Spirit does. And the Holy Spirit knows both God’s heart and our heart. So, the Holy Spirit translates our needs into a heart language God understands.

This makes more sense to me now that I have teenagers. If there is anything parents of teenagers learn - it’s the language of grunts and groans. How was school? UHAUH. Are you hungry? MMMHMM. Are you wearing clean socks? GRFFT!  What’s her name? IUHNO. Have you mowed the lawn? YAHUH. Am I supposed to be able to understand you? YAH!

Then there are the times when these sub-vocalisations are not enough. Like when I’m doing to shopping. I walk from room to room building a list. I’m going food shopping, do you need anything? Grunts will not answer this question. And yet they try. Their language leaves me truly confused and, if I’m being honest, a bit frustrated! I’m going shopping for these people and they can’t speak my language for a couple brief sentences. So, I demand a clear answer. And, translated for your edification, they say, “I don’t know what I want. Just get something I like.”

Um. What? If you like something, tell me what you like! UHNA. 

So, I find their mother. Like the Holy Spirit, she has this uncanny ability to know exactly what they like and want and is able to explain it in my overly verbose language of full words and complete sentences! Mikey loves fruit, get him some apples and bananas. Rachael loves smoothies. Get her some frozen berries, almond milk and more bananas. Cyrus will eat whatever we get. But he loves Mac-n-Cheese. How’s that?

Easy! Now that you've translated for me! Is there anything I can get for you, my love?

You know me. Just get something I like. 

And she’s right. Because we speak the same language. Often!

Now think back about today’s verse. The Holy Spirit knows us deeply and completely. And the Holy Spirit knows God from the inside out. Praying is powerful because we have the ultimate translator speaking our words, thoughts and even needs we do not know we have - directly to God, in a language that He fully understands.

That’s amazing! 

Reflection Question:
What has God done for you that you needed but didn't ask for?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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