Monday, February 06, 2012

STORY=POWER (part 6)

My favourite part of the 6 part series on storytelling filmed in Atlanta by the CSPS last October.

This is also a sneaky way to get a quick overview/review of the Story Seat - my story building and telling model that's easy to learn and hard to forget!

Part 1 - oh, the Joy of telling to kids. This segment explores the "suspension of disbelief".

Part 2 - a review of the Story Seat and conclusion of the series along with a fantastic story of the power of the "suspension of disbelief" in a young adult.

Enjoy the rest of the series on the CSPS youtube site.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Teabag Gospel

More Bible Study and Sabbath School Resources

Using a simple tea bag you can share the key points of the Gospel story. You will need:
1. A tea bag (any folded teabag will work)
2. Scissors
3. Blank Piece of White Paper
4. Fire (match, lighter, etc)
5. Table or other flat fixed surface

What each thing represents and what to do with it:
Teabag – you and me (filled with sin)
Label – What the world says you are
String – Tied to the World. But when Jesus died on the cross it set us free!
Scissors – Jesus' Grace
Cut String – When we ask God to take over our life he gives us a new identity. Free from the world we rest in the Master’s Hands.
Cut Bag – Jesus opens our heart
Poor tea onto white paper– and removes all the sin. He makes us as white as snow.
Stand tea bag up – Jesus then gives us the strength to stand. To really stand! For the time in our lives we aren’t bent by Sin.
Pick up paper – But Jesus doesn’t just leave our sin lying around for people to look at. As far as the East is from the West – That’s how far the Bible says our sins are removed from us. The Bible says that our sins are thrown into the deepest part of the sea.

Throw tea over shoulder, show paper – And then not only are we as white as snow, but our record is clean. As if we had never sinned!
Bag – Once we are set free from the world, saved by Jesus and purified from our sins, Jesus never abandons us.
Light match – Jesus promised that he will send the Holy Spirit to burn in our hearts and lives.
Light bag – And we will continue to burn for Him until Jesus returns to take us to Heaven to live with Him for eternity!

bag rises off the table and floats up into air!
Often the bag comes back down and you can adlib something about the millennium and the return to Earth in the New Jerusalem after 1000 years.
(have fun with it!)

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