Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Kingdom Needs

True followers of Jesus will approach need the way He did.
To start with, he always asked what was available. 
If there was little, he blessed it and fed thousands. 
If there was nothing, he healed the sick and broken. 
If there was less than nothing, he raised the dead. 
When little was offered, Jesus prayed for a blessing.
When nothing was offered, Jesus praised the person's faith.
When death was offered, Jesus gave life.
Jesus brought the Kingdom of God to the world. And this Kingdom was revealed in the inverse amount to what the seeker brought. Death - life. Faith - healing. Little - much. 
At the other extreme, Jesus had a dire warning about wealth. In matters of the heart, Jesus said, it's easier for a camel to climb through the hole in a needle than for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of God. 
Those who know their need are able to accept the Kingdom's welcome. Those who are accustomed to paying their own way find the place uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Not because it is. But because they make it so.

Dave Edgren ~ Story: Teller, Author, Trainer ~

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