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The Hidden Path - 10 - The Invitation

Susie peered carefully around the corner and into the cave. The sunlight cast a hard shadow a few metres into the cave making it nearly impossible to see inside. Susie focused into the depth of the cave and let her eyes adjust. What took shape before her was beyond belief. Laying just past the line of shadow, blocking the entire cave entrance, was a huge dragon. His head was by the far wall and turned into the cave. His tail was in front of Susie, curled in an S-shape, its tip just inside the cave shadow.

A huge sniffing sound came from the dragon. A sorrowful sob of sadness rattled down the dragon from his head to the tip of his tail. Each scale shook gently, giving the sound of a thousand shields clattering against each other. The dragon took in a slow deep laboured breath and then sneezed. 

Suddenly the cave lit up with a burst of fire. The dragon’s sneeze had been accompanied with a fireball snort! In the burst of firelight, Susie saw the entire dragon. Like a camera flash, the fireball burnt an image into Susie’s mind causing her to jump back around the corner.

“It’s a huge golden dragon!” She shouted with excitement. As soon as she spoke she clapped her hand to her mouth. Then she whispered, “He’s sitting just inside the cave!”

“You could see him?” Henry said in amazement.

“He sneezed a fireball!” Susie laughed, her eyes wide with excitement. “I saw his entire golden body!”

An impossibly deep voice, far too close, rumbled, “Bronze, actually.”

Henry, who was facing Susie, saw it first. 

Behind Susie a huge snout came into the sunlight. The dragon had heard Susie shout and now he was staring at both of them. 

Susie saw Henry’s eyes before she heard the dragon’s voice. Henry stared above Susie’s head and turned white enough to pass for a piece of chalk.

Susie spun around and took in a shocked breath. The dragon’s head was completely out of the cave, one huge eye looking directly at the children. Sussie stared directly into the dragon’s eye. Divided into fractals, like a diamond, the eye stared back at her unblinking. 

Henry and Susie were too petrified to move. Like thousand year-old trees, they stood rooted in place. What could they do? 

Just then, the eye slammed shut and the dragon sneezed again. A fireball shot out of his nose and over the valley floor below the cave entrance. Susie felt the heat of it as if she had been standing close to a bonfire for too long. 
The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

The dragon’s eye opened wide, in what looked like a brief moment of panic. “Sorry,” he said. “Accident.” 

The dragon pulled his head away from the children, making an opening into the cave. “Do come in,” he said. It was both a request and, clearly, a command.

Susie looked at Henry, took his hand, and the two children walked into the Dragon’s cave.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Hidden Path - 9 - Dragon’s Hoard

It seemed like it only took seconds for Henry to race past the waterwheel, the powerstation, across the bridge and up the hidden path opposite the generator house.

He was half way up the path before he slowed to catch his breath.

“Susie! Susie?” Henry called, hoping she hadn’t reached the cave yet. 

There was no response.

What have I done? Henry thought. I should have been honest with Susie. Why did I lie. 

He kept walking as fast as he could up the steep rocky path.

Then again, if I had told her about the dragon… she wouldn’t have believed me! 

The trees were thinning. Henry realised he was nearly to the cliff side. He would be at the cave soon.

I still should have told her the cave was dangerous. Really Dangerous! Then, maybe she would have stayed away. Henry wasn’t too sure of that. Susie was stubborn. If she wanted to do something, she would do it—no matter what other people said. She probably would have just thought I was trying to keep more gold and jewels for myself.

He was so lost in his raging storm of thought and argument, Henry nearly ran straight into Susie as she came running around a corner in the path. 

Susie spun sideways to miss crashing into her brother and continued running down the path. With one hand she grabbed Henry’s arm, pulling him after her.

“RUN!” she shouted.

She’s seen the dragon! Henry thought with a rush of relief. And she’s alive! 

As Henry started to run after his sister there was an earth-shaking roar behind them followed by an odd sounding cry, “COME BACK!”

Henry grabbed Susie’s arm and pulled her to a stop. “Did you hear that?” he asked. 

Susie took a three big breaths, recovering from her sprint. “Yes,” she said, “The dragon is very upset that you took his hoard.” Susie took two more long breaths. “He thought I was you. He shot a fireball over my head from the back of his cave. The he shouted that I should bring back his gold.”

Henry thought for a moment. “do you think it is really a dragon?”

“What else would it be?” Susie asked.

“Well,” Henry said, “Five little chunks of gold isn’t much of a hoard for a fire-breathing dragon. Shouldn’t he have a massive treasure trove?”

“Maybe he does,” Susie said. “Maybe you just found a tiny bit of it. Maybe it was bait, to get you to go in the cave.”

“And maybe the Ruby and gold flake were bait to keep me going up the trail!” Henry added.

Susie had a new look in her eyes and rubbed her hands together. “Let’s sneak back, real quiet, and see if we can find anything else.”

The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren
“YES!” Henry said. 

Quickly, but quietly, they made their way back up the trail and stood just outside the cave. They paused and listened for any sounds of the dragon. From inside the cave, they heard a noise very different too what they were expecting.

“What is that?” Henry whispered.

Susie took a step forward, and listened. Finally she stepped back and said, “It sounds like someone crying.”

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The Hidden Path - 8 - Gracie’s Jewellers

As Henry passed “Gracie’s Jewellers” he heard his name being shouted out. He slowed to a halt and looked in through the window. Gracie was waving at him, “Come in!” she shouted through the glass.

Henry went back a few steps to the door and entered the shop. He didn’t want to waste time, but it was rude to run off when an adult called you.

Gracie was standing behind the sales counter. “You sister was just here,” she said. As Henry approached the counter, Gracie looked furtively around the shop and leaned forward to whisper, “Lovely ruby!”

Henry was both amazed and angered at once. He could not believe Susie would be dumb enough to show off her new ruby. Everyone will want to know where it came from! And she showed it to the jeweller! Henry brooded. Of all the people! Gracie will be talking about it to every jewel collector in town!

“Oh, don’t worry,” Gracie winked, “Your secret is safe with me!”

My secret? Henry’s jaw nearly dropped. Gracie knows about the cave! Wait until I get a hold of Susie. She is going to pay!

The look of concern that crossed Henry’s face caused Gracie to pause. “I promise, Henry,” she said. “It will be a lovely gift for your Mom. I will set it in the nicest necklace I can find. And I won’t tell a soul! Susie made me promise. And I always keep my promises… And my secrets!”

Henry couldn’t hide the relief he felt. “So you … um…” Henry caught his breath and started again. He had almost said, “So you don’t know about the cave?” but caught himself just in time. “Is that all Susie told you?”

“Yes,” Gracie said putting her finger to her chin. “She said your mom had seen the ruby and fell in love with it.”

Well, that is true! Henry nearly laughed but converted it into a big smile just in time. “She sure did!” he said.

“Have a nice day, Henry,” Gracie said with a wide smile.

“I will,” Henry replied as he turned toward the door.

­I need to hurry, Henry worried. She could be at the cave by now!

As Henry rushed out of the shop, Gracie called after him, “What’s the rush? My shop’s not on fire!”

“I know,” Henry said, turning to face the jeweller. “I just need to find Susie.”

“Well, she told me she was headed over to the powerstation,” Gracie said.
The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

So she is going to the cave! Henry knew he had get there as fast as possible. I should have told her about the dragon! If she’s cooked, it’s my fault.

Gracie added, “You kids all seem to love that waterwheel!”

“Yeah, it’s, um, cool,” Henry replied just before he burst into an all-out run.

“Wow!” Gracie said to no one in particular. “Somebody’s got a bee in their bonnet!”

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Hidden Path - 7 - Chasing Susie

The next morning, after getting out of bed and getting dressed, Henry went to the kitchen to have breakfast. He went to his chair and sat down.

Mom was busy in the kitchen. “Good morning, little explorer!” she said with a smile.

“Morning, Mom,” Henry said, smiling.

Mom put a plate of toast and jam in the middle of the table. Henry spread some jam on a piece of toast as Mom sat in her chair.

“What are your plans for today,” Mom asked as she reached for a piece of toast.

“Dunno,” Henry replied as he looked into the kitchen. He leaned back on his chair and looked around the corner in to the lounge room. “Where’s Susie?” he asked.

“She left a few minutes ago,” Mom answered. “She said she had places to go and people to see.”

“Weird,” Henry said half to himself. “She always sleeps later than me.”

“Yes,” Mom said, “She was very excited and ready for a busy day. She seemed to have something on her mind.”

Henry hoped he was wrong, but he was guessing Suzie had his cave on her mind. She wants more rubies. That was his guess. Oh boy, he thought to himself, I hope she doesn’t get cooked by the fire-breathing dragon! I better go help her!

Henry shoved the remaining chunk of toast into his mouth, pushed his chair back from the table and stood quickly.

“What’s got you in such a sudden hurry?” Mom asked.

Henry tried to talk, but his mouth was too full. He managed a couple of big chews and then said in a garbled voice, “I’m gonna go find Susie.”

“Ok,” Mom said. “Have fun and be careful.”

The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren
“I will, Mom,” Henry said. I just hope Susie was careful enough not to get fried.

Henry checked to see that his pouch was hanging around his neck as he rushed out the door. He navigated his way through town taking the shortest route possible to the waterwheel.

He didn’t want to run, because then people would wonder where he was going in such a hurry. And, knowing his friends, somebody would follow him. So, he tried to walk quickly but still look at shop windows and smile at people as he walked through town.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Hidden Path - 6 - The Story

Soon it was time for dinner. Henry repeated his story for Mom and Dad. They both listened only paying half-attention—until Henry and Susie showed them the nuggets and ruby. Then they were much more interested.

“Where did you say you got these things?” Dad asked.

“He found them, on the mountain!” Susie answered quickly—not wanting to loose her ruby.

“Yeah, I was walking on a little goat track and I saw the sun reflect on this,” Henry held up the speck of gold on the tip of his finger. “And then, a little further up the path I saw the ruby.”

Susie cut in, “And he gave it to me!” She smiled and held the ruby out between two fingers, “Because he is the best brother in the whole world!”

Henry nodded really big and continued, “And then I saw this cave and I went in and saw a little pile of gold nuggets just sitting there. So, I grabbed them and brought them home!”

Mom was looking at the ruby in Susie’s hand. “That is beautiful,” she said admiringly. “Can I hold it?” As Mom held the ruby up to the light, she asked, “Are you sure these things don’t belong to someone else?”

Something else, Henry thought to himself, but not someone else. “Um, yeah,” he said, a bit flustered, “I mean, who would leave gold nuggets in a cave?” He looked up at his parents with big eyes—as innocent as he could make them.

The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

They both stared at him for a long moment, then Dad spoke. “Well, you best keep this cave a secret or the whole town will be up there looking for gold!”

Henry nodded vigorously, “Yeah, good point.” Then he paused for a moment, remembering the fire-breathing beast. “But, I had a good look around. I don’t think there is any more gold or anything.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Mom said. “You’ve had a bit of good fortune today—and a fun adventure. Count yourself lucky!”

“Yup, I do!” Henry answered. Lucky to be alive! He thought, remembering the fireball that just missed his head.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Hidden Path - 5 - Susie’s Ruby

When Henry walked into his house, he saw his big sister sitting at the table.

Susie was flipping through a magazine and talking to a friend on the phone. She was a teenager and that’s what teenagers do—talk on the phone. And read magazines. And talk on the phone. And read magazines… To Henry, that seemed to be the only things his sister did, aside from eat, sleep and boss him around.

Henry sat down at the far end of the table from his sister. He pulled the leather pouch out of his shirt and took the strap from around his neck. He stretched the mouth of the bag as wide as it would go and loudly dumped the contents on the table.

He wanted to get Susie’s attention. It worked. She looked up from her magazine as the gold nuggets bounced on the tabletop. The ruby rolled half way across the table toward her.

Susie’s eyes went as big as dinner plates and her voice caught in her throat—she actually stopped talking! Then she said, “Uh, Jaz, I gotta go. Talk to you later.”

She pressed the off button on the phone and then reached out for the ruby. “Where did you get this stuff?” Susie asked in amazement as she examined the shiny red stone. “You are going to be in so much trouble if you stole it.”

“I didn’t steal it,” Henry said, wondering for a moment if he was telling the truth. “I mean, I found it. In a cave on the mountain and on a little path that nobody walks up anymore.”

“Where?” His sister questioned, raising her eyebrows. She didn’t believe him.

“On a hidden path that goes up behind the waterwheel,” Henry said defensively. “Honest. I found the stuff. It’s mine!”

“Well, I don’t think you’re telling the truth,” Susie said, holding the ruby up to the light. “This is a real ruby! Nobody leaves this kind of stuff just lying around on the ground!”

Henry didn’t want to tell his sister about the dragon—or whatever it was—because then she definitely wouldn’t believe him.

“Well, it’s true!” He said in a big voice. “I found the ruby on the path. And,” he pushed his finger into the gold flake and lifted it up, pointing it at his sister, “I found this gold flake on the path, too. Then I found a cave and these five nuggets were in a little pile. That’s the truth!”

Susie was quiet for an entire minute. She was enamoured with the ruby. “It is so beautiful,” she said.

Henry saw his opportunity to get his sister on side. “You can have it, Susie,” he said quietly. He didn’t like the idea of giving away his only ruby, but he thought it might help. “You can have it, if you promise not to say I stole this stuff. I didn’t and I don’t want Mom and Dad to take it away.”

Susie lifted here eyes and met Henry’s gaze. She studied his face for a few moments.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked. “You really just found this stuff outside?”

“Yup,” he said, nodding. “I did.”

Susie looked back at the ruby. Her eyes looked a bit teary as she said, “You would really let me have this? It is so pretty.”

“So are you!” Henry said with a twinkle in his eye, “A pretty ruby for a pretty girl!”
The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

“You’re a little charmer!” Susie said, shaking her head and smirking at her little brother. “Thank you, Henry. I think I might get it made into a necklace or something.”

“Cool!” Henry said with a wide smile. He actually felt good about giving the ruby to Susie. She was really happy and that made Henry happy. “Well, I’m gonna put my gold nuggets in my money jar,” Henry said. “And one day, I will spend them on something really nice.”

Henry and Susie went to their rooms and imagined what they could do with their new treasure.

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