Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Hidden Path - 8 - Gracie’s Jewellers

As Henry passed “Gracie’s Jewellers” he heard his name being shouted out. He slowed to a halt and looked in through the window. Gracie was waving at him, “Come in!” she shouted through the glass.

Henry went back a few steps to the door and entered the shop. He didn’t want to waste time, but it was rude to run off when an adult called you.

Gracie was standing behind the sales counter. “You sister was just here,” she said. As Henry approached the counter, Gracie looked furtively around the shop and leaned forward to whisper, “Lovely ruby!”

Henry was both amazed and angered at once. He could not believe Susie would be dumb enough to show off her new ruby. Everyone will want to know where it came from! And she showed it to the jeweller! Henry brooded. Of all the people! Gracie will be talking about it to every jewel collector in town!

“Oh, don’t worry,” Gracie winked, “Your secret is safe with me!”

My secret? Henry’s jaw nearly dropped. Gracie knows about the cave! Wait until I get a hold of Susie. She is going to pay!

The look of concern that crossed Henry’s face caused Gracie to pause. “I promise, Henry,” she said. “It will be a lovely gift for your Mom. I will set it in the nicest necklace I can find. And I won’t tell a soul! Susie made me promise. And I always keep my promises… And my secrets!”

Henry couldn’t hide the relief he felt. “So you … um…” Henry caught his breath and started again. He had almost said, “So you don’t know about the cave?” but caught himself just in time. “Is that all Susie told you?”

“Yes,” Gracie said putting her finger to her chin. “She said your mom had seen the ruby and fell in love with it.”

Well, that is true! Henry nearly laughed but converted it into a big smile just in time. “She sure did!” he said.

“Have a nice day, Henry,” Gracie said with a wide smile.

“I will,” Henry replied as he turned toward the door.

­I need to hurry, Henry worried. She could be at the cave by now!

As Henry rushed out of the shop, Gracie called after him, “What’s the rush? My shop’s not on fire!”

“I know,” Henry said, turning to face the jeweller. “I just need to find Susie.”

“Well, she told me she was headed over to the powerstation,” Gracie said.
The Hidden Path
a fairytale by David Edgren

So she is going to the cave! Henry knew he had get there as fast as possible. I should have told her about the dragon! If she’s cooked, it’s my fault.

Gracie added, “You kids all seem to love that waterwheel!”

“Yeah, it’s, um, cool,” Henry replied just before he burst into an all-out run.

“Wow!” Gracie said to no one in particular. “Somebody’s got a bee in their bonnet!”

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