Monday, January 11, 2016

DJD111 - Stay Close

Ephesians 6:18

Starting Question:

When was the last time you went exploring? What did you find?

Stay Close

When I was a young adult, I learned to SCUBA dive. I had spent summers in Hawaii as a teen and snorkeled quite a bit. There are so many beautiful things under the water - turtles, fish, sea cucumbers, rays and much more. One of the things you learn while snorkeling is, one breath doesn’t last very long.  

I learned to SCUBA dive in a swimming pool. There’s not a lot to see at the bottom of a pool, but it is a great place to learn. There is no current, no distractions and a limited depth. It’s nearly impossible to hurt yourself SCUBA diving in a pool. 

 I took life journeys just to get near great diving locations. I went back to Hawaii for a couple of weeks (marine biology class), the Marshal Islands for 6 months as a student missionary (beautiful lagoon diving), and a year in Australia as a Student Missionary (great barrier reef). I loved Australia so much (actually, one special person in Australia!) that I stayed. 

There is one rule in SCUBA diving. Stay with your buddy. When you are under the water, you always stay within communication distance of your buddy. There are dangers in the deep blue sea. Lots of dangers! If you encounter a curious shark, a faulty dive tank, an angry moray eel, or an aggressive grouper - three bangs on your tank with the butt of your dive knife and your buddy will be right beside you!

All you have to do is stay close. Don’t wander off. Don’t get so distracted by the amazing underwater world that you forget your dive buddy. They might need you. And you might need them. Stay close, check in by making eye contact and signaling “OK” with your fingers. That’s all you’ve got to do to have a safe dive.

Life in God’s Kingdom is a lot like SCUBA diving. Jesus is the ultimate dive buddy. He is qualified - He came down to earth and did life and death - just like us. He understands the stress, the danger and the needs of  humanity. In basic training with Jesus we learn to love the people of planet Earth the way He does. And we develop a passion for exploring the world, searching for any lost people we can find. 

Now you know the basic rules: Always dive with your Buddy. Stay close. Don’t wander off. Check in. Tap, tap, tap, when you’re in trouble. And your buddy, Jesus, will always be there to help.

Reflection Question:

When was the last time you prayed and asked Jesus to help you?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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