Saturday, January 16, 2016

DJD116 - The Kingdom Belongs

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Matthew 19:13

Starting Question:

What does it feel like to be told you are doing the wrong thing?

The Kingdom Belongs

Jesus was a busy man. That’s what His disciples liked to think anyway. And when parents brought their children to see Jesus, the disciples thought they knew what to do. Protect their busy boss. But they were wrong. And they learned that pretty quick when they told the parents to take their children away.

“Let them come!” Jesus shouted, “Do not stop them. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to these kids!”

Whew! Imagine the stress of having your boss tell you off in front of lots of people. 

But sometimes it’s like that around children. Grown ups get flustered trying to figure out what to do with little people.

Kids, you probably think raising you is like having a bowl of lollies and a laugh a minute. But, it’s not always easy. In fact, being a Mum or Dad is really hard work. We want the best things for our kids and most of the time we are pretty sure we are doing it all wrong!

That’s exactly how the parents coming to see Jesus felt. They wanted Him to bless their little children and pray for them. Then things might get easier. Perhaps Jesus’ blessing would put a love for God in the children’s little hearts. And Jesus wanted to bless them! They were the future of the Kingdom after all.

Jesus’ blessing wasn’t just for the children. His blessing also said kind things to the parents. “You have beautiful children. You’re doing a great job with them!”

Parents can you hear Jesus saying that to you? Listen harder, because He is so very proud of you. Look at your children! You are raising princes and princesses for the Kingdom of Heaven. “Thank you!”

Kids, Jesus has an awesome life planned for you. You’ve got the keys to His Kingdom in your pocket and every day of your life, He will bless you again as you bring your plans to Him and ask for His guidance. Some days you will feel Him hug you and turn your shoulders so you are facing the doorway to another adventure. Other times you will feel His stern rebuke, when you run into a closed door without asking Him if one of the keys opens it.

Have you ever tried to open a locked door without a key? Have you ever tried to run through one?

Pray that you life is like that. Locked doors. Keys to the Kingdom in your hand.

Parents, keep up the good work God has started in your home.

The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you.

Reflection Question:
How does Jesus' blessing for children and parents make you feel? 

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

Further Reading:
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