Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DJD126 - Calling God

Read More Daily Jesus

Genesis 5:22-24

Starting Question:

How many phones do you have in your house?

Calling God

When I was a boy, my Dad got a car phone. It  took up an entire briefcase and needed to be plugged into the car for power and the aerial. The dialer and all the workings of the phone were built into the briefcase. It had a handset that you lifted up and used much like a corded house phone, holding it to your head. They were very expensive and only worked in certain places because there weren’t many mobile service towers, yet.

Next came the mobile phones that looked like bricks. They were heavy and had the dialer built into the handset, which had the mouth piece and ear piece on the front and a huge battery on the back. To use it you held the entire thing up to your head. Phone calls lasted only a few short minutes because your arm could only hold the weight for so long - and the battery would run out not long after your arm got tired.

Then came phones that looked much like the handset from one of todays cordless home phones. They were much lighter and the batteries, although smaller, lasted longer. Technology was coming along! As the phones got better the number of towers grew and so reception was getting pretty good in most towns.

Then came the flip phone and other small handsets much like today’s Nokias. Great! You could talk without pain, running out of battery too soon or loosing connection if you moved sideways two steps. 

I can remember how silly people looked talking into their little mobile phones. From across the street you couldn’t see the phone. I thought it was funny watching adults walk along talking out loud with their hand pressed to their cheek. They looked just like kids playing with their imaginary friends!

Isn’t it amazing the effort we go through as humans to communicate with each other? Today, you feel incomplete if you don’t have a phone in your pocket - to search the web, check your emails, send messages and - occasionally - call people. We love being in contact with each other.

We have an even better connection to God. We don’t need a device, a power source or a signal. In fact, we can talk to Him without moving our lips and He hears us. He knows our thoughts! When you talk to God there is never a busy signal, the battery never runs out and you can talk as long as you want and he will pay close attention the entire time. 

And yet, many of us rarely call Him for more than one or two quick greetings a day. God longs to hear from you. He wants to talk to you so much that He has made it very easy to get through, giving you direct access by using His Son’s name to ensure a perfect connection and His Holy Spirit to translate your feelings - that you can’t put words too - into noises only God understands. All so you can come to God anytime and be fully understood when you do. 

That’s how much He wants to talk to you!

Reflection Question:
What will you do today to talk more to God?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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