Thursday, August 25, 2005

Share the Light

After Adventurers last Saturday night Jenny and I took the kids to Salamanca to see the fairy lights. It is a beautiful sight to see the thousands of tiny lights illuminating the trees in the nature strip. I am often in that area during the day and had never noticed the lights. Then one night, after working late at the office, I drove down the hill and was delighted to see the trees all aglow.
We are much like those trees. When we spend time with fellow Christians – being light in a well lit place – we hardly notice the Light of God that lives within us. But, when we venture into the night – into the sin darkened World – we become points of light that at first intrigue passers-by, but ultimately draw them to return with friends. They want to see our lesser lights that twinkle so bright against the sunless sky. Imagine the joy they could have if shown the Son of Righteousness?
Witnessing often seems daunting. But, in its most natural form, it is merely twinkling in the dark. You know something the World doesn’t know. You know Jesus. That makes yo
u shine – wether you realise it or not! Let your light so shine before men. And when they come to see the twinkling… Testify to the Light that has come into the World to save the World from the Prince of Darkness.
Salamanca if the fairy lights failed to come on one night. Imagine all the people who would be disappointed. They would turn around and head home to their dark houses and their dark lives. Now, imagine yourself sitting at home with the lights on. It’s a dark World. Don’t leave it that way. Share the Light. It’s worth the effort!

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