Friday, August 05, 2005

Honouring Jesus - John 12:1-11

John 12:1-11 records the aftermath of Lazarus’ resurrection. Everyone has a reaction to the power of Jesus. Those who love him, honour him. Those who hate him, step up their plan of attack. His power over death is undeniable and the reactions are unstoppable.

How do you respond to Jesus? Martha threw a banquet in Jesus’ honour. Mary poured out her love offering foreshadowing the coming of Jesus’ own death. Judas jealously longed to profit from the honour given to Christ. The people flocked to see Jesus and Lazarus, his reclaimed prize. The priests schemed to kill both Jesus and Lazarus because they were loosing power and influence over the people. And Lazarus, having experienced the life giving power of Jesus flow through him mightily, testified to the power of Jesus just by being there – by sitting at the table, by eating, by being alive! He was a living testimony.

Each of us has a unique reaction to Jesus power. Some of us wish to control Him. Some want to rebel against Him. And many of us respond out of the depths of our hearts – in the way that we feel most capable – and we honour him with our lives, our gifts and our service.

How do you honour Jesus?

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