Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Even the Demon's believe... and tremble

I have been feeling a special leading of the Holy Spirit in the things happening in my life in the last couple months. I know that the Spirit is always involved and guiding us, but there has been a unique powerful presence that has been overshadowing the "goings-on" at Rosny Church during the 40 Days of Knowing Jesus Better that we held in July and August.
The things that I have seen happen around me have been amazing. People are seeking the Lord. People who haven't before or not in years. There are people coming out of the woodwork (the World actually) that want to know Jesus and his truth. It is starting to get beyond wonderful, beyond exciting, even beyond weird. It's down-right spiritual in nature. I have had people ask for Bible Studies before. But, I have never experienced the rush of interest that I have in the last two months.
Yesterday afternoon I began studies with two teenage boys - one a church goer, one not - and they are fascinated by God and His Word. We met at a table in the back corner of a bakery and the new boy asked more questions than I knew there were question marks. After that study I went to the church to study with Sarah-Jayne and Linda - a study that has been going for a few weeks now. These two ladies are searching - both new to the Christian journey and both committed to following Jesus fully.
Tonight I went to the home of a 91 year old man who is rekindling an old flame he once had with the Lord. His grandson, a 10 year old, has been studying with us. After the study tonight the family came home. I met the boy's dad, his sister, and his step-brother. We sat around the kitchen table and we talked, and talked, and talked. It was fast a furious and they are all wanting to know Jesus. The boys father has committed to attending our Oct 1 "How did he know?" launch for Rosny's prophecy campaign - The Prophecy Story. And he's not coming alone. He plans on bringing his best mate, his brother and his whole family.
Tomorrow morning I will be meeting for the second time with the baptismal study class at
Hillard Christian School where I am one of the chaplains. We just finished a course on the basics of Christianity which was attended by 29 students. Now, moving into baptismal studies, I have asked for only those fully committed to following Jesus to come to the studies. 14 signed up to attend. 19 came to the first meeting last week. All, except the two already baptised, say they are wanting to follow Jesus in baptism.
Are you with me in quietly and resolutely shouting to the stars, "WHAT IS GOING ON?" I believe we are on the threshold of something mammoth. Some spiritual cyclone is about to hit. We are seeing the acceleration of the Wind. I believe there is something just around the corner... And I am a bit scared to jut my head out to see what's coming! But, one thing I do know... Toto, we're not in
Kansas anymore!
There is one more thing that has been convincing me of the spiritual nature of what’s going on. And that is the spiritual warfare that has been occurring in my personal life and in my church life. It is as if someone has grabbed the spiritual carpet and shaken it for all it’s worth. Dust, dirt, muck and mire are flying around. The Devil is trying to create clouds where the Lord’s light is shining most brightly. Of all the beings on this planet that would recognise the activities of the Holy Spirit when they happen – it would be the Devil. And I believe the Demon’s are trembling about what is happening at Rosny. We have around 20 new people regularly joining us for Sabbath services. Nearly all of them are involved in small groups or Bible Studies. Thank God that he is more powerful than Satan! But, it is certainly evident that all parties involved know that something big is going down.

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  1. I just have to say thank-you for all your help! It's been a rough, rocky and emotionally exhausting (but rewarding!) journey for me and you have been such a HGUE part!

    I'm looking forward to my christian life, with you thereas one of my guides!



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