Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oops and YEAH!

Here's the bad news... I took a corner to tightly, looked away from the road and CRUNCH - I ran over the curb at about 70k's and hour. Three minutes later I had a flat tyre and a bent rim.
I had been planning on puting low profile wheels on my car the next time I had to change the tyres. This accellerated the process. the tyres probably had a few thousand K's on them still but were getting close to replacement time. So, I had to find the funds... and replace the wheels. I got a good deal from Bob-Jayne T'mart.
Here's a pic of my NEW car!!! Doesn't it look cool? (I love it!)


  1. they soooo shiny..... oooo

  2. Anonymous9:22 am

    You do realise now Dave, that Dylan will be harrassing me to get new wheels for the Magna? Thank the Lord I don't feel the need to "keep up with the Jones' (or Edgrens)" But yes they are v v cool.

  3. Anonymous, eh?

    I shall dub thee, "Malinda Tonks!"

    And I must say, "Who are the Jones? Never met 'em!"


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