Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Big Idea in Bible Study and Sermon Prep

The Big Idea is the main point in the passage you are studying.
The Subject is the Big Idea rephrased as a question that can be explored.
The Complement is possible and probable answers from the text.
The Conclusion ties it all together with a final statement based on the Big Idea.

I explored the "BIG IDEA" in John 5:1-15 with the 6/7 class at Hilliard Christian School today.

They came up with some great stuff!
My favourite was Laura Perry's Subject (question)...
"Why doesn't Jesus heal everyone?"
That really got me excited!!!

We explored some complements (answers) to the subject she created...
The man knew he was sick. He wanted help. He went to the "place of healing" demonstrating he wanted healing.
When Jesus asked, he said yes. So, Jesus healed him.
The Pharisees, on the other hand... Wouldn't admit they were spiritually sick.
They demanded others change. They said, "We are the spiritually healthy ones."
And when Jesus tried to offer healing, especially on the Sabbath question... They hated him! Jesus wanted to heal them. But they wouldn’t have it.

So, "Why doesn't Jesus heal everyone?"

Jesus even made a great tongue-in-cheek statement once about this...
He said to the Pharisees - "Healthy people don't need a doctor. Only the sick need help. I've come to heal the sick." That should have given them a good answer as to why he hung out with the poor and undesirable.
He also, in John 9, said, "I have come to help the blind to see. If only people would recognise their blindness."
The Pharisees said, "Are we blind?"
Jesus' response...?
"If you knew you were blind... I could heal you. But you believe you can see... And I can't do a thing for you!"

What a GREAT question!

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