Monday, July 22, 2013

The Serpent Scroll (from Chapter 10)

James, feeling he had made a connection, asked a question that had been niggling at him ever since the Lord’s large hand touched on his shoulder. “What is your name? I mean, are you just ‘God’ or do you have a name like us?”
“Hmmmm. . . .” God rumbled. “That, my little friend, is a very good question!” And then he began to laugh—really laugh! The ground shook. The trees seemed to be reaching toward His laughter. Never had the children felt such joy. They began to laugh too, though they didn’t know why.
Finally, God wiped his eyes, “Aaahhhh, that felt good. Nothing like a belly laugh to clear the head and heart,” He said.
“What was so funny?” James asked.
“Well, James,” God replied, “I am rarely asked to introduce myself! It just caught my funny bone! Yes, I do have a name—I have many. But my favorite is Michael.”
“Michael?” all three children asked as one.
“Yes, that was my name before . . .” He paused, looking sadly at the now empty tree, “before death. And it speaks most clearly of my true nature.”
The three children stared into the timeless eyes of God. He seemed like a friend they had always known, and a superhero beyond imagination. Michael, Paul thought to himself, He’s in Daniel and Revelation. He’s a dragon-slayer! Paul looked up to see those eyes staring deep into his. Michael nodded his head ever so slightly and raised an eyebrow. One corner of his mouth lifted in a half-smile and his eyes twinkled.
Hannah broke the silence, “Michael, do you know how we can get home? Or, I mean, how can we get back out of the Bible and into the bedroom again?”

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