Monday, July 08, 2013

The Serpent Scroll (from Ch 5)

As Paul said “serpent” there was a rustling noise above them—like a page turning, or paper-thin wings flapping. All three children looked up. And there, flying over their heads was a serpent.
“Hey!” James shouted, “Snakes can’t fly.”
“They can’t now,” said Paul, “But before sin, they could.”
“But that was a long time ago!” whispered Hannah. “How can there be one here?”
“Well,” said Paul, “where exactly is ‘here’ Hannah?” The three kids stood quietly watching the serpent circle far above them. It was as if it couldn’t see them, even though they were the only other things in this white world—or whatever it was.
“Maybe,” said Paul, “a better question is ‘when’ is here?”
“That doesn’t even make sense.” James replied. “It’s now. Wherever you are, it’s ‘now.’ And snakes can’t fly now!”
“What if we aren’t in the same time as we were in our bedroom?” Paul asked, “What it we are actually in another time, when snakes could fly?”
“Do you mean we might be at the time of the Tree on the. . .” Hannah paused to get her words right, “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?”
“I don’t know,” said Paul, “but what if?”
Something shimmered in the distance. It wasn’t above them, like the flying serpent, but in front of them—as if they could get to it by walking toward it.
“Did you see that?” James asked, “When Hannah said the name of the tree from Genesis, that glimmering thing in front of us appeared. What is it?”
“Let’s go find out!” Hannah said, now completely finished being scared. She ran toward the newest object on their blank page. James and Paul chased after her. They seemed to be able to run much faster than at home. The shining object quickly became many shining objects dangling from a huge tree. They were fruit. Lots of shining, beautiful fruit!
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