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July 13 - Prayer: The Heartbeat of Revival

A Sabbath School resource from the Victorian Conference of the Adventist Church in Australia

Discussion Guide:

This week our discussion will revolve around the theme of prayer. This discussion guide is meant to complement your daily study of the Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

A Praying People

There are quite a few people who turned to prayer in the Bible. As a group, make a list of Biblical stories about people who prayed. Who was the person? What was their station in life? What were the key elements of their prayer? Explore the stories in the Bible.

Who Station in Life Prayer Elements

           (Add some space here, to make a list, if printing it out!)
Ask each group member, which story stands out as special to you? Why? Why is this prayer important enough to be included in Scripture? What does it teach us? (Choose a new story, if someone has already spoke about yours!)

Your Story

Now do the same exercise with your own life. What key prayer or prayers, which you have said, stand out at the highs or lows in your life. What was your station when you said that prayer? What were the key elements of your prayer? What was the result?

(As the teacher of the group, have a prayer story of your own ready to share. Tell one requiring some transparency and humility as this will have the most impact on the group, helping them to open up and share their own stories.)

Once everyone in the group has had time to share, ask:
Which of the stories you just heard from each other stands out a special to you? Why?
Compare our stories to the stories told in the Bible. What do you notice? 

Our Prayer

The stories we just shared from the lives of people of faith, be they in the Bible or here among us this morning, are examples of the power of prayer. When God’s people pray, sometimes miracles happen. Other times when God’s people pray it seems like nothing happens for a very long time. But one thing is certain. One thing has been proven repeatedly by every story this morning. God’s people pray.

Let’s spend time in prayer now. What can we pray for? What are your joys? What are your cares? What are your desires? What are your hopes? 

Spend the remainder of your group time in prayer. Break into groups of three or more. Stay together as a large group, if you wish. 

Focus your prayers on the messages from God that emerged in the stories told during Sabbath School and on the requests made by group members.

To Consider...

You may wish to commit to a regular prayer time, as a group. There is amazing power in praying together. Why let it end? 

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