Friday, July 26, 2013

Small Mercies

There are small joys in most moments. 
It's just easier to focus on the screaming noise of the "busy life" all around us.

Once upon a time, a man was being chased through the jungle by a tiger.

As he ran he came to dead end, a sheer rock face loomed up in front of him.

As the tiger emerged from the jungle the man quickly climbed the wall. Moments later, the tiger was at the bottom of the wall and the man was stuck a few metres above with no way to go further up the mountain.

He looked down and saw the tiger pacing back and forth.
He looked up and saw the impassable sheer rock face.
He was in trouble! No way up. No way he was going down.

Then he noticed a strawberry growing in a crack of the wall next to him.

It was plump, red and full of life.

With his free hand, the man gleefully picked the strawberry, thanked God for small mercies, and ate the strawberry.

It was the most delicious strawberry he had ever eaten.

...  There are strawberries everywhere  ....

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