Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 8

I did not know how beautiful Lismore is! With rolling hillsides and a river meandering through, the town is dotted with bridges and parks. To get to Blue Hills College you travel up a steep hillside road to the top of the world and descend into a lovely glade in which the school is tucked. Such beauty!

My first visit today was with the Primary Principal/Librarian who happily purchased a set of my books for the school library. So far, every school I have visited has taken a set of books for the students to read. This makes it really easy to recommend the books to the classes. First I show them the books then I tell them their library now has them. They get so excited!

For the first hour of the day, I joined the combined year 5 and 6 classes for the story seat workshop. In the story seat workshop I first teach the CGCV concept I explained in the Day 7 Diary and then I give them “the legs a storyteller STANDS on” … The two sections together (CGCV and STANDS) create a diagram of a three legged stool or seat. I’ll take a picture of the board the next time I teach it, so I can post it here.

The legs of the seat – the legs a storyteller ST-AN-DS on are the three things a person must know to be a great storyteller. They are: ST – your Style of Telling; AN – your Audience’s Needs; and DS – the Details of the Story. When you have a good understanding of all three of these things, you become a fully confident storyteller.

After the story seat workshop, I visited 3 classrooms – 4, 3, and combined kinder/pre-kinder, In each, I told the story of Hillel who gave the “one foot Law” to a young sceptic. You can read the story in “The Kingdom Scroll” in the chapter titled “One Foot Law.” This story is my favourite way to teach the Golden Rule.

Once I was done talking to kids, I visited the library and then hopped in the car and headed to sunny Queensland. Now, I am safely residing in my Dad’s holiday home in Cooroy. Tomorrow I visit one more school and then head to the opening night of “Move with the Power III” – Another great day coming up!

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