Monday, August 15, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 12 - Book Launch

Today, Nathan Brown and I launched "28 Stories" in the morning meeting. The South Pacific Division and Signs Publishing Company worked together to provide 700 copies for the attendees. Everyone present at the convention was given a free copy!

I have never signed so many books in one day. I am pretty sure I signed over 300 books. In each I wrote:

Dear "NAME"
This is your story!
David Edgren (signature)

There were so many very happy people! Book are very expensive in the islands. In Papua New Guinea the currency is 1/3 the Aussie dollar. And in the Solomon Islands it is 1/3 the PNG currency. So, a book that is $25 here is nearly $200 Solomon dollars. This is more than many islanders make in a week. So, a free book is a awesome gift!

I was very honoured and proud to be involved in such and empowering gesture of good will!

I am looking forward to hearing the stories of how "28 Stories" has been of use in churches, youth groups, schools and more!

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