Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Road Trip Diary - Day 6

Today was a fantastic day with the kids at Macquarie College in Wallsend. The school is really well laid out campus and looks great!

To start the day, I spoke to the High School kids for chapel. The topic was "The Golden Rule." I talked about the experience I had in Mildura with the school and newspaper reporters. (see the story from a few weeks ago on this blog).

Then I did a Bible story activity with the kids from Grade 2, 4 & 6. We had lots of fun learning that we can destroy our enemies by making them into friends.

Finally I went to the library and read a chapter of the Serpent Scroll to the grade 6 kids.

I have never been to Macquarie College and was very impressed by the staff, students and campus. I was also really excited to see how many book orders the students had brought in! I signed heaps of books.

After I finished all the stories, reading and signing I had a long chat with the Chaplain, Pr Brad, about doing their week of spiritual emphasis next year. They call it "FLAG Week" which stands for Fun Learning About God Week. We did some brainstorming about the week and now I am really excited about coming back!

This trip is getting more exciting by the day!

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