Monday, October 17, 2005

Spiritual Gift Test - Teaching

Notes from Bill Hybels Video "The Importance of Teaching in the Local Church"

Someone who has the Spiritual Gift of Teaching will have:

An usual interest and passion for the study of God’s Word
They want to know 5W & H, history, characters

They don’t want to stop reading & studying

An application in mind and plan how to communicate it

They have a twin track of discovery and communicating happening at once

They will be applying things as quickly as they discover them

A conviction that God’s word can transform a human life

Willing to bet everything on the ability of the Word of God

Hold strong opinions based on Biblical evidence and proof

Widespread consistent affirmation when they teach
People approach you privately and affirm your teaching has touched their heart

The quiet assurance of the Holy Spirit
that they are in the right role, with the right gift for the right reason

The Holy Spirit speaks to your heart with assurance and affirmation

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