Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bill Hybels on the Spiritual Gift of Leadership

I just watched a video from the church library in which Bill Hybels establishes 8 statements that clarify if you have the spiritual gift of leadership. They are...


1. Develop and cast a God honouring vision
2. Build teams
3. Have the God given ability to inspire the team
4. Sense the need for possitive change and bring it about constructively
5. Establish core values
6. Allocate resources effectively
7. Identify degeneration and address it early
8. Create a leadership culture around yourself


  1. This is an interesting list, but it would also be interesting to filter it through the various roles of leaders found in Scripture. How many teams did Noah build? Well, he had his family, but some models today would discount that as not being "outward focussed" enough. What about those Old Testament prophets? How good were they at "team building?"

    And what is a "leadership culture," anyhow, and how did, say, John the Revelator build a leadership culture?

    I suspect that there are more roles of leadership than Hybels has dreamed of.


  2. Very interesting questions!
    A couple things come to mind.
    I agree with you that there would be many other identifiers of leadership. As many as there are leaders!
    A definition of Leadership is needed. Is everyone "of God" a leader? Many of the prophets were mouthpieces for God, not leaders. Most prophets worked alongside a king (or against a king). The king was the Leader of the day.
    As for John building leadership culture... Just read acts! He's there next to Peter in many texts.


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