Monday, October 03, 2005

Rachael's Question about Hearing Jesus

Rachael was sitting on the couch in the lounge room with me this afternoon and she asked me a wonderfully exciting question. "How do we hear Jesus talking to us?"
That made me smile. Coming from a four year old it was an interesting one to answer.
First I needed to establish what she meant. She explained, "Well, if i can't see him then I can't hear him. Can he really talk to me?"
We talked about the difference between your heart and your ears. That Jesus talks to our hearts. We talked about Jesus giving us the Bible so that we can hear his Word. And we talked about Heaven. Rachael is excited about going to Heaven where she can see Jesus and hear his voice with her ears.
So am I.
But, somehow, I think it is more real to Rachael. I think she wants to have special talks with Jesus. And I think she just wants to listen. To hear his voice and to see his face. Jesus is real to Rachael. More real that I think I'm even able to imagine.
No wonder we are told that we need to be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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