Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DJD210 - Death

Read More Daily Jesus

Romans 6:16

Starting Question:

What is your favourite way to be healthy?


With a little bit of free time on your hands, you sit down at your computer to try a new game that everyone is talking about. It’s called ‘life’ and the goal is to stay alive for as long as you can. At the very beginning of the game - right after you click ‘play’ you see a door. Above the door is one word, “DEATH”. You click on the door, and the game of ‘life’ begins.

There are many obstacles and choices you can make as your game character - the choices lengthen life, shorten life, give more health, take health away and more. But one thing is sure. Death. Everyone character in the game, no matter how good they are, dies. The point is to live long and prosper, not to beat death. That’s not even an option. 

A few months after the game came out, the online discussions revealed something intriguing. Everyone knows that making dangerous or unhealthy decisions brings death faster, but avid gamers have noticed that making poor moral decisions which satisfy the characters basic needs  - like stealing a loaf of bread to feed your hunger - have an over all negative effect. It seems the game developers had a sneaky subplot - poor values lead to less life.

Then the upgrade comes out. Everyone is raving about it because the developer has said there will only be one upgrade. Ever. Their slogan for this version: “This changes everything!” They’ve coyly called this upgraded version of ‘life’ - ‘New Life.’

You stand in the long line at midnight to get the upgrade. You want to play it before the gamers get talking and reveal all the secrets. You want to discover the secrets of ‘New Life’ yourself.

When you get home you begin playing. Who cares if it’s One in the morning?! You can’t wait! Clicking ‘play’ you see the first major change. Two doors. ‘DEATH’ and ‘NEW LIFE’. Of course you click ‘NEW LIFE’ as you’ve clicked on Death’s door every other time you’ve played.


Before the cross, there was only one option. Only one doorway. Death. All players of life on Earth - all of humanity - we’re fed through the doorway of death. And no matter how they lived, it always ended in death.

But now that God’s plan of Salvation has been accomplished, there is a choice. You can restart the game - be born again - at any time. Without us even knowing it, every game of ‘life’ on the planet was secretly updated when Jesus died on the cross. 

Are you tired of fearing death? Would you like to try a new life that never ends? All you need to do is choose to start over and you will see a new door. Then walk through the door that says, ‘New Life.’ 

* The story of ‘new life’ continues tomorrow! *

Reflection Question:
What do you think will be different through the 'New Life' door?

Prayer time:
Before you pray together, ask: What would you like to say to Jesus today?

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